The assignment included the assessment of the technical and economic feasibility of a biogas plant. The plant should be set up on an existing landfill site and integrated into the existing infrastructures.

Different waste streams like organic household waste, kitchen waste, sewage sludge; agro-industrial waste were intended to be turned into renewable energy by the anaerobic treatment. The biogas produced by the biogas together with landfill gas will be treated thanks to a membrane filtration system where it will be processed to natural gas quality and fed into the natural gas grid. The heat necessary for the processes will be recycled from the gas cleaning unit thanks to heat exchangers, and used for heating of the digesters.

The plant will be constructed in such a way that extension can be easily undertaken in the near future in order to push up the waste treatment capacity from 23.000 tons/year up to 55.000 tons/year.


Basic information Name of the legal entity: L.E.E. SÀRL
Country: Canada
Project value (EUR): 50.000,-
Staff input: 2
Client: EBI
Origin of fundings: private
Dates (start-end): 2007
Input Material
Organic waste: 23.000 tons/year (organic household waste, kitchen waste, sewage sludge, agro-industrial waste, …)
Extension possible at 55.000 tons/year
Technical Data
Technology employed: Biogas (anaerobic digestion)
Fully automated pre-treatment for the organic household or industrial waste
Total fermentation volume: 5.100 m³

Biogas processing thanks to a membrane filter system
Biogas injection to the natural gas grid
Complete post-treatment after the anaerobic digestion
Energy Phase 1: approx 54.000 GJ/year
Phase 2: approx 134.000 GJ/year
Services provided Project planning:

Feasibility study
Mass and energy balances